2013 Fishing Comp Results

Flounder Cup Mark Argyle 1lb –
Plaice Cup Dick Stubbs 4lb 10oz
Bream Cup Mark Argyle 2lb 10oz
Bass Cup Mark Argyle 6lb 15oz
Variety Cup Mark Argyle
Ray Cup Dick Prosser Blonde Ray 22lb 8oz
Specimen Cup Mark Argyle
Whiting Cup Mark Argyle 2lb 12oz
Cod Cup Eddie Taylor 19lb 10oz
Cod Pool 1st Mark Argyle 25lb 6oz / 2nd Mark Argyle 23lb 1oz /3rd Bernie Kuil 21lb oz/ 4th Mark Argyle 20lb 12oz
Best Bass 2013 Mark Argyle 13lb 1oz
Best Brill 2013 Sid Harris 5lb 12oz
Best Wrasse 2013 Tony Skinner 3lb 5oz
Triers Cup Tony Skinner
Bull Huss Cup Steve King 10lb 0oz
Dusty Miller Cup Total points from fish of the month – Mark Argyle
Endeavour Trophy Publicity for ECA and all round angling greatness! The Shark Man – Wayne Comben
Pairs Cup Dick Stubbs and Dennis Hayden
Individual runner up Dick Stubbs
ECA fishing section individual champion 2013 Mark Argyle
Best Specimen Mark Argyle – Bass 13lb 1oz
Inter Club Comp with Southsea Sea Angling Club Winners ECA with Bass of 8lb 0oz – Mark Argyle
Catch and release prize* Pete Littlefield – Undulate Ray of 28lb
Ladies Cup Juliet Childs – Bream 1lb 13oz
Junior Cup Jasmin Allen – Undulate Ray 8lb 11oz

* and special mention for what would of been a new British Record