ECA has two large boatyards – plenty of space to store around 500 boats. We have a wide range of shapes and sizes – from large motor cruisers to Topper sailing dinghies.
A lot of boats at ECA are launch & recover – that is, the boats are stored out of the water and are recovered using our self-drive tractors and powered winches at the end of each day.

Compound Security

security_padlockSecurity against theft is a growing requirement in all boating clubs and marinas.  ECA has a permanently manned ‘Nightwatch’ scheme to provide security cover every night and this has been highly successful in preventing theft. The road gates and sea gates are locked at night and key-fob operated barriers on the main gates prevent unauthorised vehicular access at all times, with access also being logged. A webcam overlooks the compounds and gates and there is also a network of recorded CCTV cameras with plans for this to be extended. Entry to the clubhouse is also by key-fob for added security.



The club has two large and wall maintained slipways, one directly facing into “The Run” at the entrance to Langstone Harbour, giving 24-hour sea access. The other slipway faces Eastney Lake and is accessible a couple or three hours or so around each High Tide.

Powered Winches

winchWe have two, high capacity, 1000 kg electrically-powered winches at the top of the seaward-facing slipways for members to use.
Access is by a key, which can be purchased from the office after the completion of a short safety course.

Deep Water Moorings

mooring_buoy ECA rents 6 deep water moorings which are available for the exclusive temporary use of ECA members, immediately adjacent to the ECA clubhouse in “The Run”.



Diving Compressor


Suitably qualified and authorised members can recharge their diving bottles using our own diving compressor.

Storing your Outboard Motor

ECA has a secure, purpose built outboard motor store which can be used to store member’s engines throughout the year. The club also has purpose-built tanks for flushing through engines with fresh water (best done after each use!)

Engine Hoist

The yard is equipped with a  large, moveable engine hoist to enable members to easily and safely lift and manoeuvre large, heavy items such as boat engines etc.

Canoes and Sailboards


There are plenty of undercover racks where members can safely store their canoes and sailboards throughout the year.

Wise Boat Lift

In season 2013, ECA bought it’s own purpose built Wise Boat Lift. This allows members to safely and easily launch or recover their boats. The hoist can be used for almost any-shaped hull.

Here’s some photos showing how easy recovery is from ECA’s slipway at Eastney Lake:

Lightweight Tractors

red-tractorECA has two self-drive tractors which are available to members (after completing a short instruction / safety course) and can be used for moving launch & recover boats from to and from the top of the slipways, before using the powered winches for launching.

Tractor / Trailer

greentractorAs well as the Wise Hoist, ECA also has a large heavy duty tractor and flat-bed trailers which can be used for launch/recovery.


ECA has an extensive workshop available for all members to use. Suitably trained individuals have access to welding and cutting equipment, as well as lathes and milling machines, drill stands and other such workshop tools.

Covered Work Area

Members can take advantage of a covered area and can bring in their boats for several days at a time to work in a sheltered workshop environment.


ECA’s own Yardmaster Mark Bonshor is available Tuesday to Thursday to help members with any yard-related issues or provide training/ advice as necessary. Mark can be contacted on 07503 125277 or via the ECA office on 02392 734103