New Members FAQ

  • Are the club compounds secure?

Yes, the compound gates are locked at night and key-fob operated entrance barriers control the admission and exit of vehicles at all other times. A night watchman is on site every night and the compound is scanned by a high-resolution, night-vision capable webcam to which all ECA members have 24 hour on-line access. We also have recorded CCTV within the clubhouse and at several locations around the compound and there are plans to extend this network. Members are nevertheless advised to provide their own additional security for their boats and property as they think fit.

  • Would my boat be insured by the club when in the compound?

No, members must provide their own insurance. ECA accepts no responsibility for loss of property or damage while in the compound.

  • At what state of tide can I launch?

The main slipway into Langstone Channel (The Run) is accessible at all states of the tide and the Eastney Lake slipway is useable for about two/three hours either side of high water. There are two electric winches to assist launch and recovery on the main slipway but the Lake slipway has no winch since it is on the opposite side of a public road from the compound. The winches may only be operated by members who have received formal training and been issued with a winch key. This must not be loaned to anyone else.

  • At what hours can I use the facilities?

ECA facilities are available to members at any time of the day or night by means of the key fob entry system. However if you wish to gain access or launch or recover your boat during the hours of darkness you will need to purchase a key to the road gates and sea gates and this can be obtained from the Operational Supervisor. Please re-secure the gates after use. Neither gate keys nor key fobs may be loaned to anyone else.

  • Can I work on my boat/do repairs to my boat?

Yes, you can. Small repairs and maintenance can be done in your berth (please clean up afterwards) but if you have bigger repairs and your boat is under 18 feet in length it may be possible, space permitting, to bring it into the under-cover repair area beneath the balcony for a short period. Headroom clearance is seven feet. Space here is at a premium so only short stays of a few days are permitted. Cruisers laid up for the winter are permitted to carry out any necessary works in their berth, but again, please have respect for those around you and keep any mess to a minimum and clear up thoroughly.

  • Is there any undercover storage?

Only as outlined above.

  • Are there any washing/shower facilities?

Yes, both ladies’ and gents’ toilets in the clubhouse have shower facilities, as well as a family changing area with it’s own shower facilities

  • Can I bring my partner/friend in to help me launch my boat or do they have to be a member??

When you join ECA your wife, husband or named partner becomes a Family Member with certain defined rights including being allowed to operate the small winches once they have received the necessary formal training. Your friends are welcome to come into the compound and go afloat as your crew and they can assist in launching your boat, but as an insurance requirement they must not operate the winches under any circumstances. Only ECA members who have received formal training are permitted to do so.

  • Can I bring my partner or friends into the clubhouse for meals or drinks?

Another of the rights of Family Members is unlimited access to the clubhouse, bar and galley and the right to sign in up to four guests per day jointly with you. As a condition of our licence, your guests must be signed in upon entry to the clubroom and are then entitled to buy drinks at the bar. You are responsible for their conduct at all times on Association premises. Any individual guest may only be signed in a maximum of six times in any one period of twelve months.

  • Are my guests allowed to park their cars in the compound car park?

Owing to limitations on available parking space, during British Summer Time your guests may not bring their vehicles into the compound at weekends or Bank Holidays but there is a large, free public car park just to the south of the ECA compound and further free parking space on the beach to the north.

  • What if anything would I be expected to do for the club?

Like any such organisation, ECA relies very much upon the voluntary efforts of its members for its smooth operation and volunteers are always welcome either to serve on the Management Committee or to assist in occasional work parties etc. However, there is no formal requirement to assist in this way as a condition of membership.

  • What rights if any would I have as a member?

Your membership entitles you to use the full range of ECA facilities as described in the ECA Rules, though some facilities such as compound spaces are subject to waiting lists according to availability. Initially you would join as a Probationary Member for a year. During this time some of the rights of full membership would not be available to you, e.g. serving on the Management Committee or proposing or seconding other prospective members. Subject to satisfactory completion of your probationary period you would then become a full member.

  • If I had a slight accident is there any help at the club, i.e. first aid kits?

We have first aid kits behind the bar in the clubroom and in the office. There are eyewash kits by the battery charger in the workshop area and there is a defibrillator in the clubhouse for use by trained staff.

  • What fire fighting equipment do you have?

There are fire extinguishers in the clubhouse and in the workshop area.

  • I have a large boat but cannot drive so who would drive a tractor for me?

Certain members are authorised to drive the Association’s heavy tractor and their details are listed in the Club Contacts page. However, our close proximity to Southsea Marina has led to a growing number of members choosing to let the Marina staff handle the task of slipping their boats and bringing them into the ECA compound. We also have two small tractors to assist in the movement of “launch and recover” boats and these are available for use by any member who has received the appropriate training. For this please speak to the Yardmaster – Mark Bonshor – Tel. 07503 125277 (Tuesday 8.30-4pm, Wednesday/Thursday 8.30-3pm)

  • Do you have a racing programme for sailing dinghies or catamarans?

Sadly not at present, although we have done in the past and would hope to do so in the future if sufficient demand can be generated. Our close neighbours Locks Sailing Club and also Hayling Ferry Sailing Club have a very active dinghy and cat sailing programmes and some of their members hold joint membership with ECA so that they can keep their boats in the ECA compound but also participate in Locks / HFSC races.

  • If I went for an extended cruise for the weekend could I leave my car in the car park?

Yes you can but we ask that your car should be parked such that it will not cause an obstruction to delivery or refuse vehicles, boat movements etc and if the absence is to be for more than two consecutive nights you should post a note through the office letterbox giving your name and membership number, the vehicle registration number and the expected date of return.

  • Do you have a racing programme for sailing cruisers?

Yes we do, see Sailing Section Pages on this site. Apart from two regular Wednesday evening series in the summer, we also run a number of individual races, rallies and cruises together with our annual rally / cruise of about 5 days’ duration.