Fishing Section


We are finally out of the monsoon season and our 2014 fishing is under way if a little underwhelming. At the time of writing we are awaiting the Plaice season to start in earnest but for those managing to get afloat there are some of our red spotted friends around. The winter storms have made for an interesting start with some age-old fishing marks now completely different but if the Plaice turn up they will be found! The Plaice cup is to be fished on Sunday April 5th, weather allowing, so we have a few weeks for things to settle down. For those who wish to participate in the competitions but havent before then turn up to the club in the morning, pay just £2.50 and BOOM youre in the comp, simple as that! Guests are welcome. If the wind is blowing then stay in bed, anything above F4 is usually too much.

Should you wish to know more about Comps and fish of the month etc or anything fishy related then our next meeting is Monday April 6th

At our last meeting we changed a few competition rules for 2014. We have changed our Variety Cup to allow entries by photograph, just collect your entry card on the morning of the competition from the officer of the day and any fish you don’t wish to bring to the scales can be photographed and returned. Smoothhounds and Tope are still omitted.

Should you want a full run down variety cup rules email us or ask at the next meeting.

We have allowed Undulate Rays back in to the Ray Cup for 2014 after a brief hiatus, these attractive Rays once considered endangered are a little success story and regularly caught, in fact see below for a tremendous 28lb specimen caught last year.

The big news for 2014 is a Species hunt to run from April 6th through to the end of Jan 2015. This is a catch and release competition designed to give a little interest to ECA anglers throughout the year. Everything big or small counts so long as it is pictured with your entry card which are available from ECA. Entry is £5 and the more that enter the bigger the prizes at the end. Most anglers will be aware of similar comps on forums etc and its a great way to see the state of fish stocks and what weird and wonderful species there are hiding around our shores.

As it stands you can email me with your photos and I will add you to an online page with a record of your tally. No Photo-No Entry. If you are of the old school vintage then print your pics out and post them in the fishing hut marked FAO Dan Sissons. More details to follow but from Apr 6th we can take your money and you can start counting. Any dubious or difficult to identify photos will be judged at the following meeting. Make your photos good ones!

We are almost at Bream season believe it or not, my favourite fish, and our Bream pool is open for anyone that fancies their luck. See Dave Jolliffe at the next meeting and he will relieve you of £10. (hearing of commercially caught fish already on the usual places, don’t say I didn’t tell you!)

While on the subject of Bream Dick Stubbs and Wayne Comben are doing sterling work adding anglers voices to a debate which hopes to gauge to health of these hard fighting fish. Heavily fished commercially they are in decline and Dick and Wayne are putting across a case for the humble Black Bream. Whatever way its added up they are worth way more to the economy caught by recreational anglers rather than netted mid channel, this applies to most fish in fact and if it wasn’t for us anglers the who would be keeping an eye on these things. Anglers-guardians of the sea. Should you wish to add any info to the Bream debate then you know the routine, show up at the meeting and add your two-bobs worth.

Personally I am waiting for the weather to allow me to throw some lures around for Bass as well as dusting off the LRF (Light Rock Fishing) gear and getting involved in the species hunt. Should anyone want to have a go at the LRF/HRF or soft plastic fishing for Bass the give me a shout and we can arrange a session. Its the future!

Lastly our presentation evening was a great success as always. All tickets were sold and as a result plenty of money put behind the bar. A big thanks to the following for all their work to make the ECA fishing presentation what it is. Dave Jolliffe, Mickey Pledge, Steve Kelly. All the girls in the galley for their hard work along with the bar staff and if you attended thanks for supporting what The Sunday Times describes as “an evening of raffles, trophies, fish and drinking” and OK magazine rated “the only party where you wont find a C list celeb, 3/10”   Remove anything libellous as required!

See these links for 2014 Comp Results so far and full 2013 Comp Results.

Tight lines. Dan.